Honeywell BW™ Ultra, a new multi-gas, portable detector that complies with all safety regulations in place by detecting your required gases

  • The new Honeywell BW™ Ultra monitors up to five different gases simultaneously, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), while leveraging Bluetooth connectivity to allow safety managers to collect and track valuable data.
  • The new detector also features Honeywell TouchConnect™ technology, which makes configuration, calibration and bump testing fast and simple.
  • The Honeywell BW Ultra was designed using the Honeywell User Experience, which puts customer problems and ease of use at the center of the development process.
  • The new detector features a larger 3.2-inch display to display more critical information at a glance, a rugged ergonomic design, and a one-button operation. Honeywell TouchConnect technology helps users quickly access calibration and bump test modes and well as complete configuration changes without the need to be connected to a docking system or a computer.
  • Honeywell BW Ultra connects the safety manager to a data ecosystem. Data from the detector or its IntelliDoX docking station is downloadable to a PC, where it can be aggregated and managed through Honeywell's Connected Worker software platform to simplify and speed up compliance tasks.
  • A cloud-based network option will be available soon


  • Confined space entry
  • Inert applications
  • Ambient monitoring

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