AQMesh has been long established as the most proven small sensor system for the air quality monitoring market. With an ever-increasing suite of measurement options and proven performance in the harshest environments, AQMesh is ideal for industrial applications.


The H2S, SO2, TVOC and PM sensors allow AQMesh to be used in a wide range of applications including construction, mining and oil & gas. AQMesh networks have been implemented across mining facilities in Australia, Southern Africa, Saudi Arabia, as well as oil & gas facilities in Europe, Central Asia and the Gulf region. Other applications include perimeter monitoring on energy from waste sites, residual emissions from flares and even volatile volcanic emissions in Iceland and Nicaragua.


A single AQMesh pod can measure up to 6 out of a possible 8 pollutant gases in various combinations, as well as PM, humidity, atmospheric pressure and noise in one small, compact easy-to-install unit. A wind speed and direction sensor are also available, and there is a range of wireless power options, including the bespoke AQMesh smart solar pack. The solar pack offers autonomous continuous power all year round for an AQMesh pod and features smart connectivity with a mobile app for checking power output, viewing historical data and running diagnostics.


Customers across industrial applications comment on how easy AQMesh is to use, from its quick and easy installation to its low maintenance requirements. Users also benefit from maximum uptime across their networks, thanks to AQMesh’s robust hardware, wireless communications and the secure server. Remote diagnostics allow pods to easily reconnect themselves and continue to capture data if power is ever interrupted. Faults or failures can be detected, diagnosed and resolved swiftly and remotely, without the need to visit the equipment. Additionally, email exceedance alerts can be set on any data channel, allowing for instant critical information that may be vital for managing related processes or protecting site equipment and staff.


AQMesh already has proven performance for PM2.5 and PM10, the proprietary optical particle counter consistently delivers high accuracy across all PM fractions, and use of a heated inlet offers even more accurate readings as it dries the sample prior to measurements to reduce the effects of moisture. New developments in hardware and completely traceable data processing algorithms will also offer even further improvements in accuracy later next year.


From our Partners at AQMesh