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There are various solutions to monitor the levels of heat stress affecting workers. The guide below will help you identify which solution is best for you and your workforce depending on your specific needs and required outcomes.

Below we explain a little about each product and provide a table where each key variable is easy to compare.

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LSI LASTEM have developed a weather station suitable for WBGT index permanent real-time monitoring for the health and safety of workers in severe outdoor, high thermal stress conditions.

The system consists of sensor, data logger and mounting accessories, for the measurement of air temperature, relative humidity, radiant temperature and wet temperature (other meteorological sensors are available). Wireless and transportable it has a slightly higher user sophistication ability needed, but once set up data can be communicated and collected on a cloud-based platform.

Black Ghost by Equivital

The lightweight sensors positioned in the harness fits to the body easily and is designed to monitor heat stress levels in real-time for each individual wearer. Using Black Ghost within a hazardous working environment, where worker safety is paramount, allows vital safety and performance information to be tracked in real-time during a mission or work task.

Rapid intervention measures or rescue can be carried out ahead of time ensuring welfare and productivity are managed effectively. Reviewing personnel data allows for evidence-based validation of safe working practices.

The product is attached to individual workers and is wireless and portable. Data is communicated to a cloud-based system for tracking and predicting heat injury.

Kenzen Patch by Kenzen

The cost effective Kenzen Patch is worn on the arm of workers. Small sensors track and report data on core body temperature, heart rate, and exertion levels. Easy to use and maintain, the wireless sensor device provides real-time data and data capture stored on a cloud-based platform for further analytics.

Easy to operate, the Kenzen patch is also easily maintained.


CorTemp is an ingestible sensor which measures the core body temperature as it travels through the digestive tract. The sensors signal is completely harmless and emits to a data recorder worn on the outside of the body. Displaying temperature in real time and the ability to store data for download and later analysis.

This solution can be used as a personal monitoring device, or to record manual readings on multiple subjects. A cost effective, easy to use, single use solution which provides data in real-time via a cloud based platform.

HeatShield from LSI

This wireless, portable monitor measures globe temperature, wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature and relative humidity, in line with WBGT indoor and outdoor index, heat index and the Humidex. The HeatShield prides itself on being the most advanced software on the market for Thermal Environment Analysis GIDAS TEA.

Wireless and portable, the HeatShield can connect to an office-based platform for real-time viewing of data or used to collect the data for more in-depth analysis.

QUESTemp QT-48N from TSI

The TSI Inc QUESTemp-48N offers traditional heat stress monitoring without the hassle of maintaining a wet bulb.

The QT48N measures and calculates the dry bulb, wet bulb, globe, WBGT outdoors, and relative humidity with two different types of data logging modes, as a time history session or an event logging mode. You also have the capability to measure stay times in order to manage work/rest routines. This product is portable, but not as flexible as other products as it is not wireless.

  LSI - Outdoor Equivital Kenzen CorTemp Heat Shield QuesTemp 48
Type Transportable Portable Portable Portable Portable Portable
Cost $$$$ $$$$ $$ $$ $$$ $$$
User Sophistication
req’d (1-5)
3 4 1 1 2 2
Mntce level (1-5) 3 3 1 - 2 2
Software model