You’re not the only one asking this question. We often hear of customers who have purchased RF monitors for use in detecting high levels of radio frequency, only for them to false alarm when they work near high voltage power lines.

With the introduction of 5G networks via small cells attached to existing energy infrastructure this issue is becoming more common. Many of the RF monitors currently available do not have the capability to dismiss interference from high voltage power lines and therefore trigger a false alarm.

Many energy companies are arming their workforce with RF monitors as a duty of care when they’re working on power lines, poles and lights as these areas are now frequently also occupied by a 5G cell. These cells emit radiation which can be harmful to the human body.

Levels of radiation always need to be monitored by electrical engineers working in the field, ensuring that the 5G antenna is turned off during their work.

What’s the solution?

AES supply the tried and tested RF-60 by WaveMon. The RF-60 has an immunity of 30 kV/m at low frequencies, so it can work properly under such conditions without triggering false alarms that could cause delays to work for no good reason.

We recently had feedback from an energy company who said:

“The WaveMon RF-60 stood up against the other competitors and was ‘superior to others trialled’ as it didn’t false alarm in close proximity to energised 11kB conductors, whereas other monitors did.”

Why is the RF-60 WaveMon more effective?

False alarms are a well-known phenomenon, one that causes problems for technicians who use personal monitors in field work. For example, the ICNIRP occupational limit for low frequencies is 20 kV/m, so a personal RF monitor must be able to work under such conditions without triggering false alarms.

The WaveMon RF-60 has an immunity of 30 kV/m at low frequencies, so it can work efficiently without triggering false alarms.

This unique operational design, along with an approach where a weighted response for each standard is provided, is designed to follow the limits of the applicable standard, for greater accuracy.

You can read more about the 5G Ready WaveMon RF-60 monitor specifications here.