The SKC BioSampler is a collection device designed for sampling airborne particulates of biological origin (e.g., bacteria, fungi, pollen, viruses) and their fragments and by-products.

  • Allows use of non-evaporating collection liquids
  • Significantly reduces particle bounce and re-aerosolization
  • Preserves microorganism integrity and viability
  • Reusable — can be autoclaved
  • Provides greater sampling efficiency over longer sampling time
  • Collected bioaerosols can be analyzed by a variety of methods


Performance Profile Physical collection efficiency and biological collection efficiency are two performance characteristics that are critical to selecting the proper bioaerosol sampler. BioSampler collection efficiency is close to 100% over a wide range of particle sizes when operated at 12.5 L/min with water or a liquid of similar viscosity. For particles less than 1.0 μm in diameter, collection efficiency decreases to approximately 90% at 0.5 μm


  • Indoor air quality investigations
  • Infection control in hospitals and veterinary clinics
  • Quantification of microorganisms in agricultural dust
  • Biological research
  • Infectious disease investigations in public buildings
  • Safety concerns in the food handling industry
  • Workplace exposures in industries such as pulp and paper mills or wastewater treatment plants
  • Microbiological investigations in public buildings, workplaces, and homes

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