The AutoRAE Lite is a high-speed and low-operation-cost bump test and calibration station with data storage in Excel format. The AutoRAE Lite provides the lowest cost of ownership, and direct functional bump test indication of more than 700 monitors, all on one set of batteries.

Please note this product is coming to it's end of life. AES will continue to support your AutoRAE Lite for ToxiRAE 3 with service, repair, warranty replacement parts, or an equivalent product replacement until September, 2021.

In addition, the AutoRAE Lite operates on a low-pressure system with a built-in pump.

  • Lowest cost of ownership on the market.
  • 12 second bump test.
  • Full documentation storage.
  • Portable with battery option.
  • Full configuration gas monitors.
  • Demand flow system eliminates accidental leaks.
  • Fully automated bump and calibration
  • Bump test in 12 seconds
  • Full calibration in 2 minutes
  • Tamper-proof data files

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