Respirable Dust Aluminum Cyclone - Specified in NIOSH Respirable Dust Methods

Sample Time: Varies
Sampling Rate: 2.5 L/min for 4.0 µm cut-point
2.8 L/min for 3.5 µm cut-point
Sample Pump: Universal or AirChek
Sample Media: 25 or 37-mm filters in 3-piece cassettes

The SKC Aluminum Cyclone is a lightweight respirable dust sampler that is used with a filter loaded into a three-piece filter cassette. The cyclone separates dust particles according to size. The respirable particles collect on a filter for analysis while larger particles fall into the grit pot and are discarded.

The ACGIH, NIOSH, International Organization for Standards, and European Standard Committee (ISO/CEN) specify a collection efficiency curve with a median cut-point at 4.0 µm. When performing respirable dust sampling with cyclones, it is important to adjust the flow rate to give the closest possible match over the whole curve (not just at a single point). The ACGIH/ISO/CEN curve requires using the flow rate that minimizes the bias of the cyclone separation from this curve.

New York University Medical Center, a leading aerosol research organization, has calibrated the SKC Aluminum Cyclone and the results were carefully evaluated for bias over the whole curve, showing that 2.5 L/min* most closely matches the curve. The SKC Aluminum Cyclone meets the ACGIH/ISO/CEN curve at 2.5 L/min as specified in NIOSH Method 0600. The SKC Aluminum Cyclone is also specified in NIOSH Method 7500 for Silica and NIOSH Method 0600 for Particulates Not Otherwise Regulated.

The SKC Aluminum Cyclone is available in two sizes: 25 mm for use with 25-mm three-piece cassettes and 37 mm for use with 37-mm three-piece cassettes. The filter material, pore size, and support pad must be selected as specified by the sampling method used. A cyclone's collecting efficiency may be influenced by electrostatic effects. If the cyclone carries a net charge, particles of the same charge will be repelled by the cyclone and will not be sampled efficiently. SKC cyclones are constructed of conductive materials that eliminate the static problem associated with nylon (non-conductive) cyclones.

* As previously published, a 2.6 L/min flow rate will yield a 4-µm 50% cut-point, however, 2.5 L/min flow will provide a better match over the entire curve. Contact SKC Inc. for a copy of the calibration report on the SKC Aluminum Cyclone. See the Aluminum Cyclone Technical Note for more information.
† Determined using experimental data obtained at flows from 2.0 to 4.0 L/min 

Meets ACGIH/ISO/CEN respirable criteria

  • 4-µm 50% cut-point at a 2.5 L/min flow rate*
  • 3.5-µm 50% cut-point at a 2.8 L/min flow rate† for alternate applications

Eliminates adverse electrostatic effects

  • Small and lightweight
  • 2.6 x 1.5 inches (6.6 x 3.8 cm)

Specified in NIOSH Method 7500 for silica and NIOSH 0600 for respirable particulates

Used with an open-face 3-piece cassette for more even particle deposition on the filter

Available in 25 or 37 mm


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