Real-time Asbestos Monitor

The Asbestos ALERT PRO is the world's first range of devices capable of monitoring and warning in real-time if asbestos has been released into the air.

ALERT PRO is capable of distinguishing asbestos fibres from other non-asbestos fibres in the air with 99% confidence and works across all types of asbestos (amphibole & serpentine).

ALERT PRO is not intended as a replacement of existing regulations or traditional air monitoring - rather ALERT offers an extra level of safety with real-time warnings and a granularity of detail never available before.

ALERT PRO is available with a usb port for downloading data or the ALERT PRO Connected unit, which utilises the same asbestos detection technology as the ALERT PRO with the additional benefit of cellular connectivity, to remotely communicate its data directly to PC or smart device via the supporting cloud-based asbestos management portal.

The ALERT PRO Connected is an IoT device and therefore location can be tracked using GPS and the its real-time data transmitted to the ALERT CONNECT platform for users anywhere in the world to access (provided the device has signal). If signal is lost, ALERT will store the data and transmit it as soon as connectivity is re-established.

Light-weight, portable and easy to use the ALERT PRO is most suitable for use in ambient indoor environments where the fabric of a structure is to be disturbed through maintenance, construction, restoration, improvements and demolition etc.

  • ALERT PRO Connected option with cellular connectivity
  • Portable, lightweight & robust
  • Visual & audible alarms
  • Comes with 2 x 8 hr Lithium Ion Batteries (15v)
  • Downloadable time & data stamped reports
  • Local end user software for report generating

Award winning, patented, life-saving technology - proud recipient of both the 'BSIF 2023 Product Innovation Award' and the 'Demolition Safety Innovation Award'.



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