Real-time Asbestos Monitor

The ALERT PRO 1000 is the world’s first early warning device for airborne asbestos fibres. Portable and easy to use, it continuously assesses the airborne environment providing a real-time alarm if asbestos containing materials are disturbed and their toxic fibres released into the air. This vital early warning enables an immediate and proactive safety response helping to prevent the risk of prolonged exposure.

Light-weight, portable and easy to use the ALERT PRO 1000 is most suitable for use in ambient indoor environments where the fabric of a structure is to be disturbed through maintenance, construction, restoration, improvements and demolition etc.

  • Portable, lightweight & robust
  • Visual & audible alarms
  • Comes with 2 x 8 hr Lithium Ion Batteries (15v)
  • Downloadable time & data stamped reports
  • Local end user software for report generating

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