The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor uses lab-grade precision laser technology to simultaneously measure particulates of multiple sizes in harsh and hazardous environments. Improve air quality and protect the health of your workers.

ATEX & IECEx certified and five times more accurate than the industry standard model, the Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor offers unparalleled accuracy and reliability. Using a unique algorithm, the device can measure particulate matter (PM) sizes ranging from 0.35μm – 40μm (including PM10, PM4.25, PM2.5, PM1.0 and Total Suspended Particles) and captures up to 10,000 samples every second.

The Air XD Real-Time Dust Monitor features:

  • Simultaneously monitors multiple PM sizes
  • Instant measurement of particulate matter sizes between 0.35μm – 40μm
  • Accurate to within +/-5% compared to +/-25% of current industry standard models
  • Sophisticated, algorithm captures up to 10,000 particulates per second
  • 3 Reliable open flow device with no pumps or filters
  • Remote connectivity and telemetry options (see set-up below in datasheets)


  • 3 Simultaneous display of any combination of PM sizes on the screen
  • Real-time warnings of dangerous dust levels in the environment
  • Lab-grade precision sensing; ensuring highly accurate and instantaneous measurement of dust particulates
  • Easy access to detailed information about PM sizes for deeper analysis



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