Class 1 and Class 2 with Type Approval

Cirrus manufactures a range of Acoustic Calibrators and adaptors suitable for the field calibration of sound level meters, noise dosimeters and other noise measurement instruments.

The current range of Acoustic Calibrators comprises:

  • CR:515 Class 1 to IEC 60942:2003 Class 1 with PTB Type Approval
  • CR:514 Class 1 to IEC 60942:2003 Class 2 with PTB Type Approval
  • CR:511F Class 1L with 94dB & 104dB @ 1kHz with PTB Type Approval
  • IEC 60942:2003 Class 2 & Class 1 Performance
  • PTB Type Approval for Class 2 & Class 1
  • LNE Type Approval for Class 1
  • 94dB Sound Pressure Level Output
  • Suitable for use with standard 1/2" microphone capsules
  • 1/4" Microphone adaptor available
  • Automatic power switch off with user override giving longer battery life
  • Robust case with ergonomic design


CR:514 Class 2 & CR:515 Class 1 Acoustic Calibrators

The CR:514 and CR:515 are high performance acoustic calibrators designed for the field and laboratory calibration of sound level meters and other noise measurement equipment.

The units are simple to operate and meet the requirements of the latest IEC 60942:2003 standard for Acoustic Calibrators with performance to Class 2 (CR:514) and Class 1 (CR:515).

The CR:515 and CR:514 are the standard Acoustic Calibrators are supplied with the Cirrus Sound Level Meters and Noise Measurement Instruments.

CR:511F Acoustic Calibrator

The CR:511F Acoustic Calibrator meets the requirements of IEC 60942:1998 for a Class 1L instrument.

It provides 94dB and 104dB sound pressure levels and can be used with a range of calibration adaptors to suit microphone capsules other than 1/2" and 1" diameter.

Applicable standards
  • CR:514 IEC 60942:2003 Class 2
  • CR:515 IEC 60942:2003 Class 1
Type approval
  • PTB Type Approval to DIN EN 60942:2003 Class 1 & Class 2
  • Reference No.: PTB-1.61.4028829
Sound pressure level (re 20uPa)
  • 94dB +/- 0.4dB (CR:514)
  • 94dB +/- 0.2dB (CR:515)
TFrequency 1kHz +/- 1%
Distortion <2%
Reference conditions 23oC, 101.3kPa, 65% RH
Microphone size 1/2" (to IEC 1094-4)
Calibration adaptor QD:7 for use with 1/4" microphone capsules
Battery type 1 x 9v (PP3, 6LR61, 6F22)
Dimensions 138mm x 47mm diameter
Weight 220 gms with battery
Controls Push button start, Automatic switch off with green LED indication. User override of automatic switch off
CE classification
  • EMC : EN50081-1, EN 50082-1
  • Safety EN 61010-1, 1993 portable equipment category 2

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