The Quantifit works on Controlled Negative Pressure.   Controlled Negative Pressure technology was accepted by OSHA in 1998, and has quickly been adopted by industry to be the quickest and most accurate way to perform respirator fit testing.

During a fit test, the respirator inlets are capped with test adapters, and the inhalation valves are removed from the mask. With the test worker holding his or her breath for no more than ten seconds, the Quantifit then establishes and maintains a slight vacuum, or pressure, inside the mask.
Since the respirator inlets are sealed, all sources of leakage into the mask are through the face-to-face piece seal. The volume of air drawn out of the mask by the Quantifit during this short period of time is equal to the leak rate into the mask through the face-to-facepiece seal.

  • Completely portable,
  • The patented controlled negative pressure technology is used to run a complete 5-step protocol in 3 minutes or less.
  • This is not only the fastest, but also the most accurate way to conduct a quantitative respirator fit test.
  • The Quantifit package includes a carrying case, keyboard, onboard memory and PC connections, as well as other features that allow for easy and quick testing.
  • Speed, accuracy, and ease of use, have made the Quantifit the gold standard in respirator fit testing.


Selectable Test Model Parameters Equivalent Fit Factors are calculated from actual measured respirator leak rates, based on the following “modeled” test parameters which are user selectable:
Inspiratory Work Rate Measurement of energy expended by test subject in the normal working environment; indicated in thousands of calories
per hour (K-Cal/hr). Selections include
  • 100 (light activity)
  • 200 (moderate activity)
  • 300 (heavy activity) and
  • 350 (extreme activity)
Mask Type Selections for full-face or half mask respirator types.
Cartridge Type Selections for low, medium, or high density cartridge types.
Subject Gender
  • Selections for male & female test subject.
  • Selection choices affect modeled CNP challenge pressure levels.
  • Selection choices affect modeled respiratory inspiration volume.


Dynamic Range Leak Test Measurement 2-5000 cc/min
  Resolution 0.1 cc/min
  Fit Factor Computation 6 - 53,000
  Resolution 1/td>
Pressure Sensor Parameters Pressure Range 0-20 inches H2O
  Resolution 0.01 inch H2O
Accuracy ± 0.25% FS 1 ppm
  Over-Pressure Limit 60 inches H2O
  Temperature Compensation 15-30 Celcius


  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Safety Manager
  • Fire Fighter
  • Occupational Health
  • Mobile Testing
  • Physician
  • Law Enforcement



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