A revolutionary use of wearable technology to help manage Hand-Arm Vibration exposure risk.

HAVwear by Reactec is a tool which monitors daily exposure to the Hand-Arm Vibration and collects the data in a manner that allows occupational health and safety professionals to take effective actions on that data.

Specifically designed to assess and monitor Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) risk exposure from hand tools, the HAVwear monitor is low cost, simple to use and fully automated. The HAVwear is wrist mounted and calculates and displays in real-time either HSE HAVs risk tool exposure points, based on a static tool vibration level, or HAVs risk sensed exposure points based on vibration determined at the wrist. It can therefore also inform the wearer of their exposure to vibration.

Key Features

  • Real-time exposure points calculation & display
  • Personalised exposure threshold display & alerts
  • Tracks tool usage
  • 33 minute HAVWEAR re-charge
  • Low cost, simple to use and fully automated


  • Wrist worn device for truly personal monitoring experience
  • Support employee behavioural change
  • Exposure points calculated from static tool data and sensed vibration magnitude
  • Exposure data automatically transmitted online (via docking station)

If you want to use this device for measuring physical distancing in the workplace please go here.






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